2023 Presidential Race: Atiku, Tambuwal At The Frontline Battle

2023 Presidential Race: Atiku, Tambuwal At The Frontline Battle

Decision by the opposi­tion party, Peoples Dem­ocratic Party (PDP), to zone its 2023 presiden­tial ticket to the northern bloc of Nigeria is putting the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on the edge, as former Vice Pres­ident Atiku Abubakar and Soko­to State governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, are at the frontline for the country’s presidency.

Investigations by Sunday INDEPENDENT revealed that the two politicians who are of northern extraction, are the only presidential as­pirants who have indicated interest in the 2023 presiden­cy on the PDP’s platform.

APC chieftains are wor­ried that with the PDP look­ing in the direction of the North to pick its candidate as politicians from the South are said not to be showing interest in the interim, the ruling party may also con­sider picking its candidate from the North as well, going by the calculations already spanned by tacticians in the party ahead the 2023 contest.

A source in the APC, who expressed worry, described the permutations in the PDP as “thoroughly dangerous traps set to undermine the interstate of the South.

“In our party, the APC, our desire is to pick the presiden­tial for 2023 from the South. But, what we are seeing in the PDP is a thoroughly dan­gerous trap that is likely to undermine the presidential interest of the South in 2023.

“While in the APC, we are already preparing to field our presidential candidate from the south no matter what, the permutations in the PDP will put us on the edge because none of the politicians from the south in the PDP is showing any interest in the race.

“From all indications, PDP leaders from the South have given up; they are all queuing behind either Atiku or Tambuwal.

“By implication, we shall be facing a tough fight in the North with a South/North contest as likely to replay in 2023. For sure, PDP will pick one of the two, while we are looking at the South.

“In the months to come, we will put in place a small committee to look at the pos­sible implications of that scenario to come up with possible mitigation as well because the average voter in the north might likely look beyond party lines to vote. That will be dangerous for us in the APC.

“The only way out for us as a party is to allow the PDP to pick its own candidate and we swiftly make amends to suit the prevailing circum­stances that are likely to come up then,” said the APC stalwart.

Nothing Wrong With My Father Contesting For The Presidency – Atiku’s Son

Adamu Atiku-Abuba­kar, son of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, had said in June that his father will contest for the number one office, come 2023.

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